Frazer Bradshaw – Cinematographer

Frazer Bradshaw has photographed a wide variety of commercial and experimental media projects, from features, documentaries and commercials to animation and experimental films. He also teaches cinematography classes at Film Arts Foundation in San Francisco.

Simultaneous with his success as a cinematographer, Bradshaw has continued to direct his own work: narrative, documentary and experimental. His films have played at film festivals throughout the world. His recent short, "Every Day Here" has earned him a name as a director in the independent film world, premiering at the Sundance Film Festival and subsequently playing the exclusive New York Film Festival in 2000. Bradshaw’s follow up, "Could Have Been Utah", won a jury prize at the San Francisco International Film Festival and also garnered the honor of being screened at the New York Film Festival. Another recent film, "The End of Summer" premiered at the exclusive Ann Arbor Film Festival and has played dozens of festivals internationally. "The End of Summer" was broadcast on HBO.